Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Bangalore experience

Namaskar friends! Had a fantastic weekend. Watched the 18th Annual colors Screen Awards on Friday. It was entertainment, entertainment, entertainment!. Sat., I watched the movie EMAET. This movie had a hopeful ending. Seemed like it ended abruptly tough. The directors of today are apeing the western movies with more realistic approach towards movies. Sucks for me who is used to a typical Bollywood happy ending.
          Today I took Rohit to the gym with me. Found out he had some good negotiating skills. He had purchased a chocolate cookie (for $4:00!!!) after his swim. His explanation was that he was hungry. I asked him to return it. He tried, but the lady at the snack bar would not take it back. So he asked to talk to the Manager. The Manager said the bar was now closed, so he could not take it back. Rohit said "but you just sold it to me a minute ago and it was open." The Manager was taken aback by this and took the the cookie back and returned Rohit's $4:00. Sometimes children surprise us.
Mantri Mall - Malleswaram Bangalore
Inox theater

Subway - Food Court
KFC -Food Court
Play area
Different levels

Sea food platter - Rs. 185/-
Mangalore Buns - Rs. 45/-
Pizza Hut - Food Court
The last leg of my trip to India was in Bangalore. I had 24 hrs. to kill all by myself before I could board the plane back to the US. After having a sumptuous breakfast of Idli Saambhar with hot filter coffee, I decided to take a walk around the hotel I had checked into. I had barely walked for 2 minutes, when I came across a huge glass building. What do I know, I was standing right in front of a the biggest mall in the city called the Mantri mall, conveniently located in Malleshwaram. As I took a tour of the mall, I noticed that there was a multiplex on the top most floor of the mall called the INOX theater. I had heard a lot about the multiplex "culture" in India. My curiosity at it's peak, I decided to try it. Do people in Bangalore actually have nothing to do on a weekday? The crowd was crazy. I still stood in line expecting to buy a ticket for any movie at any sow time for that day! It is at the very last minute that I decided to watch the movie Dirty Picture. I was thrilled to pay only Rs. 90/- for the ticket. Before I entered the theater my bag was checked. I was asked to leave my camera outside. I was a bit nervous about that, but did not have an option. I was directed to theater # 9. I noticed that there was no guard near the door, so I thought I could sit anywhere I wanted. I chose the plush seat at the very back of the theater. This theater was huge! It could easily seat 300 people. Apart from me, there were only 2 others watching this movie. It was like a private screening. The crowd must have been watching Mission Impossible 4 or Don 2. Anyway, The movie had already started by the time I settled down. One hour into the movie, the guard comes up to me and asks me to show my ticket. He then directs me to a much lower seat as it was a cheaper ticket. The plush seats cost Rs. 500/-. I asked him why I could not continue to sit where I was as there was no one else occupying it. Cheesy haan? I had to try. In a way, I am glad that the rules are being followed in India now. Interval came and I went out and got a nacho platter and orange juice. After the movie, I did some window shopping inside the mall. I could not tell if I was in the US or in India. The mall had all brands from Chanel, Guess, Liz Claiborne etc., and in the food court there was Subway, Pizza hut, KFC, play area and even a carousel. After a lot of contemplation, I settled for a desi seafood lunch platter. Rs. 185/-. It was yummy but a horrendously expensive I thought. I also tried the Mangalore Buns for Rs. 45/-. The clothes were not in my price range at all. Wonder who really shops at the malls in India?  Must be the younger "independent" generation.


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