Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Snooze land = Dream land

Oh, one more good day down! Wishing me more such days. It's been over 2 months of religious gymming and I have seen no results. Frustrating! I read somewhere that skipping breakfast slows metabolism. Normally, I don't eat breakfast. I decided to change that this morning. Ate a bowl of special K cereal. This really charged me up. I went to work with an upbeat mood. Got a slight headache by mid morning. A good friend, who happens to also be Indian, offered me this organic herbal tea from India called "Tulsi tea".  See pic. below.
The other healing(??!) ingredient in it was "Mulethi". My curiosity made me google "Mulethi". You will surprised to know that "Mulethi" is nothing but Liquor! Hmmm... So, exactly how is this tea herbal or organic for that matter? Beats me! But I must say, it did have a healing effect, as I felt better by lunch time. "Mulethi" must be having similar healing effects like brandy has on common colds.
Always wear nice pajamas to bed... you never know who you might meet in your dreams.

Have you ever had a dream that seemed so real only to wake up and find out that it was a just a dream.  It's so annoying when you had a really nice dream, but you cannot remember it entirely and sometimes you wake up during the best part of your dream. What if your pillow could collect your dreams and when you wake up you plug it into your computer and watch them over again? Dreams are neither good or bad, they simply are. Some dreams are frightening or disturbing, so they are called "bad breams" or nightmares. But the dreamer has no conscious control over dreams, which are produced by the subconscious mind during different stages of sleep. Intense dreaming occurs during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. The brain activity is maximum during REM.
                          I have dreamt about my childhood, my teenage years, my parents, friends relatives, etc. but never dreamt about my future. Wonder what it would be like to have futuristic dreams. At least in my dreams, I would like to know if in the end all this is worth it. It is really surprising that I time and again dream about failing exams. I appear for an exam and I am completely blanked out when I read the question paper.  This clearly shows that it is in my subconscious that I did not prepare well for my exams back then and I still carry that guilty feeling inside me. I often dream about falling into a pond. Now I did have an incident like that, when I was 6 years old. And then I have those warm and cozy romantic dreams, that I wish was true in real life too! I have to admit, I find myself day dreaming a lot. Whenever, I have a free moment, I slip into dream land. I dream of the places I like to be at. Since, my visit to the Golden Temple recently, I hear gurbani in my ears and dream that I am taking the rounds of the temple on bear feet. Love the feeling. I dream of being at the Taj Mahal with the annoying guide, eating gol gappa on the streets of India, dream of the beautiful blue waters of Hawaai, the Opera House in Sydney, Australia,  etc. I am a dreamer. And if you are one, then you know that anything is possible in a dream and it does not cost anything to dream BIG!!!


  1. very nice in silver anklets would love to see more of those . I think the payal only looks best when silver. Even gold is not that charming or any other beads. Silver makes the feet look ever better.

  2. Please add more silver payal. I really appreciate the view and love it.