Thursday, February 23, 2012

Technology - A boon or a curse?

A bright and beautiful day with comfortable temperatures here in VA. However, my day was dull and boring. I started off this morning by reading TOI. The only news that caught my attention was that of Chote Nawab Saif Ali Khan. Poor Saifu, unnecessarily caught up in a court case because of his rage. Anger - one's worst enemy. However, the timing of this news amazes me. With the upcoming release of his movie Agent Vinod and all. Publicity stunt? Why do we fall for this crap all the time? Anyway, by afternoon, I was ready to pull my perfectly blow dried hair out. So, I decided to take a walk by myself. While, on my walk, I started thinking. Is Technology a boon or a curse?
With the advent of the Internet, keeping in touch with friends and relatives has become easier, a lot easier! But because of this somewhere, people don't feel the need for that personal touch and are living a virtual life. I am one of them. Apart from the social aspect of the boom in Internet usage, technology overall has made everyday living so much more convenient. I cannot imagine a day without online banking, a microwave, a mobile phone, a computer, a car etc. Old technology gets replaced by new more useful ones so often, that one has no choice but to keep investing in newer, better products. One such example is the mobile phone. I have changed at least 3 phones in the past 5 years. I think, soon television and movie theaters will be redundant. Websites like YouTube and Netflix have made it possible to download and watch anything under the sun at ones leisure. The laptop is becoming smaller and lighter making it very portable. Also, going to office to work might soon be a thing of the past as more and more people are working from home. The ever evolving technology is making this possible.
             However, technology has many disadvantages too. The capabilities for information retrieval and communication are infinite. Hackers and Stalkers are out there indulging in Cyber crimes on a daily basis. Kids are exposed to illicit material at the click of a button on the Internet. At school, kids are using a calculator in math class for solving simple things like linear equations, or matrices. Their brain is not being used to its maximum capacity. Doing things manually becomes more and more difficult for them. I have seen kids who are so used to typing everything, that it becomes impossible for them to read their own handwriting. Computer games are so addictive, that its only natural that more and more kids are having vision problems at such a young age. If these gadgets were to break even for a day, there will be chaos not only in personal lives but world wide as so many industries, including sports, depend on technology today. I can see the stock market taking the biggest hit with the airline and education industry coming close second. One more thing that I dislike is the CCTV. While it is a great tool to catch crimes, I am now seeing that it is placed in fitting rooms in the mall. I am not sure if people are watching us change or it is being recorded. It's kind of creepy. I dread the day when Robots will take over humans, like in Rajanikanth's movie "Robot". In my opinion, technology is neither a curse or a boon. It's both. It depends on how we use it.


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