Sunday, February 19, 2012

Starbucks "religion" moves to India.

Bagunnara friends? I had another fun weekend. It all started on Friday at work. We formed a new international group at work that enjoys food. We all went out to an Indian buffet for lunch. We plan to do this once a month trying different cuisines. On Sat. we visited our old friends after a long time. Enjoyed great dinner and chatter. Today, I met 2 girlfriends at Starbucks for coffee.

Q: How did Federal Authorities figure out that there is a complex underground drug smuggling tunnel near the US-Mexico border?
A: It had it's own Starbucks! LOL!!!

So, if you live in the US, you know that a new Starbucks cafe pops up every other day around your block. Well, it's no surprise then, that Starbucks is now arriving in India. It's a 50:50 joint venture between Tata Global beverages, Ltd. and Starbucks coffee company. It is going to be called Starbucks coffee ' A Tata Alliance". They are planning to open 50 stores all over India by the end of this year. I would think that, with the clear distinction in preferred hot beverage between North and South India, Starbucks would have to make some adjustments in their menu in different parts of India. In the South they should have a version of "filter coffee" and in the North "masala tea". It's going to be interesting to see if this whole thing clicks. I have noticed that here in the US, even tough people complain about the ridiculous price of Starbucks coffee, they still buy it. I think it's more of a style statement, to have a Starbucks cup in your hands. I am a very "value for money" type of shopper. Extremely careful in where I spend my money. That being said, I still find myself buying one cup of Starbucks coffee once a week. So, what makes Starbucks so popular? I think, I go in the cafe just for a "relaxing" experience. The ambiance, is so perfect. I see people from all walks of life in the store. Couples enjoying a romantic time together, business men wishing they could sit there for sometime away from their small cubicles, friends catching up after a long time, etc. I have also heard of job interviews being held at Starbucks. Isn't that something? The location is also very convenient. Normally, it is strategically placed in a strip mall with the local grocery store. Other than in the US, I have tasted Starbucks at different airport's around the world. The taste is the same everywhere. That's awesome! In my opinion, the taste of the coffee is not even that great. It's the overall packaging that is attractive. The Italian names of the different flavors makes the coffee sound very exotic. I cannot wait to taste Starbucks chai and coffee in India. I am sure I will have to pay Rs. 100/- per cup. :(


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