Sunday, April 14, 2013

The "like" button on Facebook

Howdy friends? I had another fantastic weekend. The Ugadi function went off very well. Wish I had the video to share. The weather was great this weekend. Really wanted to go to Washington DC to check out the cherry blossoms. For the 12th year in a row, our family has been successful in planning this event and then failing to execute. Sometime ago, I had written about surprises and how I like listening to the radio for this very reason of not knowing which song is going to be played next. Today, I came across this song from the movie Page 3 by chance. I am glad I did. Pleasant surprises are always so nice aren't they? I am going to share the song with all of you as the Song of the day.   

There was so much activity on Facebook today. People sharing pictures of how they enjoyed the weekend with their friends and family. Pictures excite me. I love the creativity that goes behind those cheerful smiles and poses. Like they say, pictures speak louder than words. So, with this thought in my mind, I set out for my evening walk today. The sun had gone down and I felt a nip in the air. The beautiful cherry blossoms and the determined joggers, created the right atmosphere for an enjoyable stroll.
I was thinking, I had used the "like" button on Facebook quite a lot today, without writing a comment. So, what is it that I am really liking? What is that I am agreeing with by liking people's statuses, be it a statement, question, or a picture? If somebody were to post a status that their grandfather died, is it ok to click on the "like" button, just to agree with them that it indeed is a sad moment? My intention can be misinterpreted. People might think I am happy that the person's grandfather is dead. Not a good thing. I know, I can write a comment, but normally, if I do not know the person very well, then I don't write a comment. So then, is it a good idea for Facebook to introduce a "dislike" button. I would think not. People would abuse that and I am sure Mark Zuckerberg has no intentions of spreading negativity. Another thing that I cannot fathom about the "like" button is that, the post I "like", immediately surfaces to the top of the page, making it visible for everyone. Not every time do I want this information to be public. The new thing now is the "follow" button. I use this to follow celebrities that I like, but this information is also public. I don't think that there are security settings on these buttons. Anyway, inspite of these issues, I still continue using Facebook. Mr. Zuckerberg's addictive product definitely has me sold! Shub Ratri folks! Love you all!

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