Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Perfumes - love them or hate them?

Hello Blog friends! A moment of silence for the 3 people who lost their lives and the numerous injured in the Boston Marathon bombing incident on Monday. What a cruel act! I am making one wish now - Let non violence and peace prevail! Folks did any of you check out PSY's new song "Gentleman"? if not check it here.  He released it on April 13th and already has 105,461,002. I think people are clicking on it more out of curiosity. The music is similar to the "gangnam style" in my opinion. It has not impressed me yet. But then again, it can grow on me if I keep listening to it. The media will do their part in promoting the song. Posting the Song of the day from the movie Kahin pyar na ho jaaye. It's playing on the online radio right now for me. OMG! the bubbly Rani looks so young and beautiful. Her attractive tiger eyes light up the screen every time she blinks.

Finding a perfect perfume is such a hard job isn't it? Every time we look around there is some celebrity releasing his or her new perfume. I have tried some from the departmental stores, like, Beautiful by Estee Lauder, Happy by Clinique and D& G Light blue. I have also tried Jovan musk from the drug store. I have liked them all. Every time my husband goes on a trip he invariably brings me perfumes from different countries. Recently he bought one called "Holi" by Kenzo Amour. He had purchased it at the London airport he told me. I find it to be a little strong. The bottle is so cute. It's red in color and has a long cap. However, I still haven't found the one scent that I have in my mind. The one that I smell on some women when they pass by. I am shy to stop them and ask which perfume they are wearing. Wearing Perfume gives me pleasure, not only because it smells nice, but also because I feel confident when I smell good. A perfume is the last accessory that I use before heading out of the door. I like using sprays more than perfumes because perfumes tend to be too strong for me and often leaves me with a headache. But recently, I came across a perfume called Prada Amber by Prada. I think that's going to be my next buy. I like their body lotion too!. However, I did not like their new fragrance called Candy. I get attracted to the shape of a bottle first and I automatically think that the perfume will smell good on me. The marketing people are doing  a fantastic job in deceiving people. I fall for their tactic every time. Hence, most of the bottles of perfume, go unused by me. It sits on dresser adding to the d├ęcor of the room. I feel sad that I spend so much money on these bottles. Recently, I read somewhere that old perfumes can be used on pillows to give them a fresh smell. Good idea! I think I am going to finish all the old bottles of perfume that way. There is a right way to wear the perfume. A dab of fragrance to what is called the pulse points where the blood vessels are closest to the skin giving off more heat and acting like mini fragrance pumps the wrists, neckline, behind ears, and behind the knee has always been a popular use. So, go ahead wear a perfume and attract people towards you. Good luck shopping! Please leave me a comment on which is your favorite perfume. Who knows I might be tempted to try it. Shub Ratri. Love you all!


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