Sunday, April 21, 2013

Grab the crab

Namaskar blog friends! It's yet another manic Monday. Bang, Bang Shrimp was the new thing our family tried and fell in love with. This was at a restaurant called Bone fish grill. Apparently, on Wednesdays this dish is 50% off all day long. The kids were saying, now there will be something to look forward to on the dinner table on Wednesday nights. So, another good weekend filled with fun filled activities, comes to an end. Now back to the 8AM-5PM grind. I made crab curry for dinner tonight. We were eating crabs after 2 years or so. Sanil and Shekar thought it was too much work and a messy affair. Rohit and I enjoyed it. Like mother, like son. It was well worth the effort for us. Hard work really pays off! The gorgeous pink and white, soft and succulent flesh was just the right thing that my taste buds were craving for a long time. We spent a good 1 hour at the dining table today. This was good, as normally we finish in 10 mins. We could spend some quality time together, chatting and enjoying the crabs together. I feel people tend to relax, unwind and enjoy sharing experiences when they are eating good food. Posting pics below.

Yummy platter of Rice and Coconut crab curry
Close up view of the crab
This is the Konkani way of making Crab curry. It's a coconut gravy. Normally, this dish would not be so dry. I did not realize that the crab would soak up all the water out of the gravy. But taste wise it was just like my Amma's preparation. I was remembering the chatter around our dinner table in Manipal. Dad would make it so enjoyable, by relating all his childhood stories. I miss those days.
Here in DC, they have Crab fests during the crab season. I have been to one so far. People line up and sit on tables, covered with brown paper. Every table has a big pot of steamed crabs. Everyone is given a hammer, old bay seasoning and butter. The crabs are so huge, that after eating around 4-5 one feels full. I have eaten 10 of them in one go. That's how much I love crabs. For the beer buffs, there is abundance of free flowing beer. People can also enjoy music and arts and crafts. Add to this, a bunch of like minded people, and it will be an event that you would want to go to again and again. This is on my "to do" list for this summer.
As I am typing this post, I am listening to my favorite Ghazal singer Jagjit Singh, singing "Pyar ka pehla khat likhne mein waqt to lagta hai" live to some lucky audience. Wah! Youtube zindabad! The maestro is immortal. I love the following lines.

Jism ki baat nahi thi unke, dil tak jana tha,
Lambi doori tai karne mein, waqt to lagta hai.

Gaanth agar lag jaye to phir, rishte ho ya doree,
Laakh kare koshish khulne me, waqt to lagta hai.

If anyone knows who wrote this song, please let me know.  Lucky, is the woman, who would have received a similar first love letter from her boyfriend or husband. I have attached the link for you, my favorite friends, Enjoy. Shub Ratri folks ! Love you all!



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