Sunday, December 02, 2012

Jewellery organizer

Hello friends. Beautiful weekend, spent mostly with my own company. Its such a reward to have my own time. On Friday evening after work, I went shopping for some clothes. Found some much needed winter sweaters. I got attracted to the same old colors like black, red and grey. Bottom line is they are comfortable and I will use them more than once. :-) Saturday, after finishing all activities with kids in the morning, I sat down and spent my afternoon constructively. For the longest time, I wanted to organise my jewellery. I was thinking about the most efficient and low budget way of doing it. I came up with the idea sometime back, but finally got around to doing it on Sat. Please see pics. below.

Such a nice feeling when something gets achieved. Even if it is a small project. I love going into my closet now. Clothes and jewellery (my favorite things) both well organised. But the bad news is, my chest pains are back. Not sure what it is. I took an Advil for now. Lets hope it goes away tomorrow. Bigg boss 6 was ok. Not very exciting for the past couple of days. Hopefully "IS" will do something interesting soon! Banking on him and only him to carry this show forward. After him, Urvashi is good. I hope, in the end Urvashi wins the show. She stayed the longest and was honest and frank throughout the show. She is kind of like me. :-). I will now close with the Song of the day, a gazhal by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Shub Ratri.


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