Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Namaskar friends. So, I read that Kate and William are having twins. Not sure how much to believe this as I read it on the front cover of a magazine when I was standing in line at the Grocery store. Feel sad for the nurse who died. Not her fault. Nobody would do this on purpose. If she would have not killed herself, she would have lived a living death. People would harass her no end. What is even more sad is that she was from my hometown, Mangalore. I really pray that the family gets the strength to bear this. Manisha Koirala has also been bestowed with some bad news on the health front. So sad. I read her request to public. She has asked us not to be sad for her. She says she has enjoyed life's gifts and is completely satisfied and has decided to move on come what may. I love her spirits. Many tbattles can be won with a positive attitude even the battle of Cancer! My strong Mom is one such example of courage and strength. She is a breast cancer survivor for close to 6 years now. I love you Mom. You have taught me such good values in life. Had a good day at work. As usual I sat down to help my younger son with homework and was surprised to see that he had to write a rap song for homework. He was struggling in the beginning, but after spending some time thinking about it, I found him completely engrossed in it and coming up with the cutest little verses that rhymed so well. He amazed me. The motivation was that the best song will be used in a rap video on the morning news at school. I really think America is the place for freedom of expression. They have got it right. Who knows we might discover a new Will Smith pretty soon. he he. The online radio station played this lovely song today from the movie Lal Dupatta Malmal Ka. I was hearing this after a long time. This song instantly took me back to college days. They don't make such songs anymore. The singers are Udit Narayan and Anuradha Paudwal. This combination of singers was deadly back then.

Every time I read about smoke coming out of a Chimney, in books written by Enid Blyton like the Famous Five, I used to romanticize about the idea of having or even seeing one in real life. This was such a rare sight for us living in South India.

Little did I know then, that this smoke is dangerous to health and is a cause of pollution. I guess this is more to do with the Industrial Chimneys. We have a chimney at our home today. It is of high maintenance for us. Nevertheless, I like having it. I like driving around the neighborhood in the winter. So many houses have their fireplace on and its a pretty sight to see the smoke come out of the chimney. The light grey smoke spreading across the dark cloudy skies brings on a sense of calmness, giving the feeling that all people inside the houses are enjoying a warm and cosy time on a chilly winter day. Calls for some hot masala tea. Little joys of life. OK folks. Shub ratri.


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