Sunday, December 23, 2012


Namaskar friends. Salman Khan rocks!!! If you have not yet watched Dabangg 2, then you are missing some solid "paisa vasool" entertainment. This gorgeous, 5' 9", enigma called Salman Khan, can still makes girls miss quiet a few heartbeats. Arbaaz has saved the best for last with his flawless direction. Just when you think that movie is over and had all elements of entertainment in it and was well worth the watch, Salman decides to keep you glued to your seats as his greek god like body oozes out of his tailor made, body hugging crisp shirt. Yummylicious. God! This man is perfect! Sometimes so perfect, that you want to touch him to see if he is even real. With his hard work and dedication, he has managed to acquire a perfect 10/10 body. Salman is synonymous to style. Everything he does, he does it with charisma. His action scenes make you want to have a boyfriend, who can protect you from all evil, his romantic scenes make you want to have a husband like him, his emotional scenes makes you want to have a son like him, his impeccable comic timing makes you want to have a friend like him, his dance moves makes you want to stand up and grove with him.  He is every girls dream man for sure. At 47, he is drop dead gorgeous and can give every other hero, young or old a run for their money. The movie has nothing new in terms of story. Very predictable plot. Yet it is a super duper hit. Only because of one man - Salmaan Khan. He carries the whole movie on his broad shoulders. Sonakshi and Kareena are there to please the front benchers. Sonakshi's styling could have been better. Alvira Khan, who is apparently her dress designer went a little too far with those deep neck Saree blouses. The movie was a perfect choice for a ladies night out. We 4 girls loved the movie so much, that we all got together at one friends place (her husband was out of town) and watched Dabangg 1 all over again. And yes, we all came to the consensus that Dabangg 2 was even better than Dabangg 1. Imagine that! Meanwhile, the cash registers are ringing! The songs are growing on me. So, today's Song of the day is from the movie, (no points for guessing) Dabangg 2. Enjoy!

I learnt how to make authentic Punjabi parantes today. I watched my friend make it. She made Paneer parante and pattha gobi parante for breakfast this morning for us. They were finger licking good. I will try and post pics. when I make them. And as far as BB 6 is concerned, I am liking Niketan and Urvahsi on Bigg boss 6. I hope one of them wins. Niketan is too handsome not to win. Urvashi is forthright and deserves to win for that, in my opinion. Some how, I am not liking Delnaaz. I am getting the feeling that she is fake and Rajeev, the lesser we talk about this man the better. Arrogant and foolish. Imam is there to take care of  TRP. So, I am hooked on to this show. Christmas eve, is my Dads B'day. He will turn 83. I really miss him. Got to go folks. I want to call and wish him a Happy Birthday! Merry Christmas all of  you.


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