Sunday, December 09, 2012

Nothing much

Hello cyber friends! Long time! As much as I hate the phrase "I was busy", I have to use it today, as I did not find time to sit down and write. I can blame laziness also to some extent. Anyways, nice to be in this space again. Had a beautiful weekend. Spent Saturday afternoon outdoors with a friend, just walking around the local shopping complex, doing some window shopping. Giggled away like 2 high school going teenagers. Felt so good. The good weather added to the fun! Sunday afternoon we attended a holiday party at one of Shekar's Vendors place. It was a fun event with lot of food and nice people. Kicked of the holiday season with a bang! I have so many parties lined up for this week, both at work and with personal friends, who are more like family now. We are planning to be together for dooms day. Really hope the day will pass by without any calamities. I am not sure if I mentioned this, but a good Asian market has opened in our area. I noticed that the board in front of the store said supermarket in Hindi. Now, isn't that something! We Indians have made our mark. We have arrived! Feels good. So, I saw something at the store. A Tangerine with the leaves still on it. I had never seen the leaf of an orange tree in my life. So it was nice to see it live! Posted the pic. for you guys to also see. Came home and shallow fried Shrimp. The kids loved it. Bigg boss 6 is finally picking up some steam.

I am a meaningful, slow song freak. So, today's Song of the day is from the movie Papa kehte hain. Jugal Hansraj has that innocent face to justify the song. I know Udit Narayan as a singer is outdated. But I find myself liking his songs even today. The voice has a certain magic that works for me. Enjoy folks and Shub Ratri. Till next post. :-)

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  1. nice orange , save it for dooms day :-p