Thursday, November 29, 2012

People Person?

Namaskar folks! I spent sometime writing this post, and this morning, realised that I forgot to publish it. So I am posting it now. Birthdays come and go. All that comes out of it is the reminder that we are yet another year older. My knees are also reminding me of the same thing these days. Folks! Got to make the most of our precious lives, whatever is left of it. I exercised for 45 minutes yesterday. Felt good. I know consistency pays off. It is easier said than done. Read about the baby girl whose parents named her “Hashtag”. Hmm. What were they thinking? Pity that poor girl’s future state in school. It is indeed the social networking era folks! And it is finally worth talking about Bigg Boss 6! They have got it right this time with Imam Siddiqui. I watched yesterday’s show and boy! “IS” owned that show. He is an intelligent man. Just with words he has taken all the others as hostages. Yes, in real life, I would not tolerate anyone like him, but like he correctly pointed out, these people are supposedly professionals who are paid big money to provide entertainment. They better do it for us who are continuously wasting our time watching TV. I loved it when he said it took 50 episodes for the show to finally take off! He has interesting one liners. One of his favorites is when he knows that he is losing the argument he says. – “Ab ho gaya, maine maafi mangi. Bath khatham”. With this he shuts the other person up! I can’t wait to watch today’s episode. This colorful character called Immam Siddiqui reminds me of the actor, Govinda. Song of the day is from the movie Dulhe Raja. Govinda was such an entertainer!
I looked up the definition of a “people person” today. It said - an outgoing, gregarious person with good communication skills. I think, in today’s Social networking era, to succeed, this trait is a plus to have. People close to me tell me that I am a “people person” and for the most part, I am. I like picking up conversations with random people who I meet, outside of work and home. After analyzing (surprise!) this behavior of mine, for some time I realized I do this because, this type of interaction is less pressure. I like the fact that the person on the other side, does not know me at all and we might never cross paths again. So even if he/she is judgmental, it would not make a difference to me. I can talk about anything under the sun and get it out of my system. And when I meet people, who agree with me, or give me free advice or better still go on to share their own experience, it is such a beautiful experience. I like this especially when I am waiting in long line, or sitting on an airplane or when I am shopping, basically when I am doing mundane, brainless activities. This doesn’t mean that I meet such people ALL the time. There are those ‘introverts” that I accidentally bump into, on one of MY most “chirpy” days. One nasty look from them is enough to tell me, to stay faaaaar away from them. It’s always a gamble. But then, life itself is a gamble isn’t it? So beware folks, you might be that next unfortunate person that I pick on. Lots of love. Have a fabulous day!


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