Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pilgrimage sounds good!

Happy Children's day everyone! The Indian nation is fondly remembering "Panditji" the country's first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru on his 123rd birth anniversary. He loved Children very much and so, he was often referred to as, Chacha. That’s why the Birthday Day  i.e 14th November of Jawaharlal Nehru is celebrated as Children's Day in India. I remember celebrating this in school. I understand the importance of schooling beyond studies now. Much has been written about the Petraeus scandal. It was a mistake at a personal level and there was no breach of security. Therefore, should not have been a punishable crime according to me. Adultery, however, is a crime under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. And then there was the hideous crime that the University Hospital Galway in western Ireland committed. Doctors refused an Indian woman an abortion despite serious risk to her own life, because Ireland was a Catholic country and the foetus was still alive and that aabortion is illegal in the Republic of Ireland. The 31-year-old dentist died of septicaemia, or blood poisoning, on October 28. Imagine the trauma the family is facing right now.Sad, sad! Remember Pinki Pramanik, the gold medal-winning athlete in the 4x400m relay at the 2006 Asian Games? Indian police have charged her with raping her former partner after medical tests showed she was actually a man. They have declared that Pinki is a male pseudo-hermaphrodite. Male pseudo-hermaphrodites are genetic males who develop some female physical characteristics and identities. Pinki is fighting the case. Sigh! Anyway folks, it's time for Song of the day. Today's choice is from the movie Sadma sung by Suresh Wadker.


Not an ideal day for me today. Too much going on. I finally got my hour to relax. At this point, going on a Pilgrimage sounds like fun to me. I would get to relax and I would have no connection to the "real" world. A predominant reason that people of all faiths go on pilgrimages is to develop a closer relationship with God or nature or to seek forgiveness. Currently, for me it is to get away and also because I am curious and wish to observe. I would like to have that new experience and find out for myself if it can indeed bring me peace of mind and the change that I am looking for within myself. I would like to make new friends, who are so much different than the friends I have now. I have heard a lot about Haridwar, Vaishnodevi and Varanasi. People who have visited these holy places have been heard saying, that they have been cured of fatal diseases, mental illnesses, have experienced spiritual bliss, etc. I have read and heard of too many miracles. I would love to visit at least one of these locations to start with. Lets hope I get that opportunity. Hari bol! 


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