Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Do weird words make a hit song?

Namaskar friends. Happy teachers day! People who know my Dad (who is going to turn 83 in December) will agree that he was a fine teacher of Chemistry.
                                                                           The house feels a little empty after my SIL left this morning. People come and go at different times in our lives, gotta keep moving forward. And that's exactly what I am trying to do. For those of you who missed seeing the "blue moon", I have pictures for you. I did not find much of a difference from a regular full moon, except that it had a bright circle around it. "Chandni raat hai tu mere saath hai kuch hava sardh hai dil mein bhi dard hai". No, not the song of the day.

My SIL is not a Bollywood fan. However, she had just watched Ishaqzaade and had liked it. So after contemplating for about 2 days, she finally agreed to watch Ek Tha Tiger with me. She later told me, that all through the movie she was hoping, that they won't kill the hero and heroine in the end, for she found the storyline to be similar to Ishaqzaade. As for me, for once, I thoroughly enjoyed a Salman Khan movie. I now have a new found respect for him. This movie, proved, that the man can act, dance and entertain. Kudos to him, for that matter all the Khans of Bollywood. If they can draw crowds to the theater at this age, they truly deserve to rule Bollywood. They are the Industry. And even tough Katrina Kaif, has no acting skills, she has the dancing skills. Her creamy complexion, perfect curvy body, and sex appeal leaves the audience drooling for more every time she sways to the Bollywood tunes. She just ignites the screen, with her presence. I declare her the most beautiful living woman in the world. Yes, the world! I thought the touching scene where Salman and Katrina talk about their parents being stars after their death was over done in Hindi movies. Nevertheless, it brought tears to my eyes. The movie had some slick action, fit very well into the movie. The songs were unnecessary and forgettable. Overall a Sunday evening well spent.
So, you see them everywhere, and if you don't, your music taste is boring, lol. They make you stop and think. They make you wonder. They make you go WTF! Weird, weird song lyrics. Over its 100 years of history, Bollywood has experimented with fun, comedy and weirdness in a way that may be unique in the entire global film industry, because of the unique popularity of songs and music in Bollywood movies. The results are some extremely unconventional songs, with more than comedy that are almost weird and sometimes border on being plainly outrageous. Here are some weird songs of Bollywood. Their greatness lies as much in their weirdness as in their music and choreography. It also brings to fore the adventurous spirit that tried to break all shackles, and succeeded, when backed by some of the great actors like (Kishore Kumar and Govinda) musicians and singers.
Ena mena dika

Muttu kodi kawari hada

Aao sikhaaun tumhe ande ka funda
Ye nahi pyaare koi maamuli

mein tou raste se jaa raha tha
Bhelpuri kha raha tha
raste se jaa raha tha, bhelpuri Kha raha tha
Ladki ghuma raha tha
tujhe Mirchi lagi tou mein kya karoon

Hum tumpe itna 'dying'
jitna 'sea' mein paani 'lying'
aakaash mein panchhi 'flying'
bhanvra bagiyan mein gaa-ing...

Excuse me
Kya re
Mera dil tere pe fidaa re Excuse me

You are my chicken fry
You are my fish fry
Kabhi na kehna kudiye bye bye bye
You are my samosa
You are my masala dosa
Main na kahungi mundeya bye bye bye
Its a song cum cookbook!!!

Jhumma Chumma de de

Just chill, chill, just chill
Meri pant bhi sexy meri shirt bhi sexy

Pappu can't dance sala

Zara zara touch me touch me touch me

Singh is King, Singh is King

Crazy Kiya Re

Ooh la la, ooh la la

Chikni Chameli

Jalebi Bai

Munni Badnaam hui

 Halkat Jawani. - the latest from the much awaited movie Heroine - This crosses all boundaries. Yet all these songs are HUGE hits, played at every happy occasion. Goes to show that people, love the craziness and want to let loose once in way. So today's Song of the day is once such song from the movie Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. I have been listening to this song for the past 2 days and that's why this post.


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