Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happens once in a "Blue Moon"

Folks, folks, folks! I am so excited. This blog made it to 5,000 hits on this blessed day. This type of thing happens once in a "Blue Moon". What a coincidence! Don't forget to look at the "Blue Moon" on Friday Night. A very good day for me. I have been eagerly waiting for this moment. Thanks to my new cyber friend, a certain, "Anonymous";) who made this possible faster than it would normally take. A BIG THANK YOU to all my readers for making this happen. It took me a year and a half to get here. The journey was well worth it! I could not resist but write about this, even tough I had planned not to. I am waiting for my SIL to get here. Her plane is landing at 8:30 PM. Just finished cooking a typical Konkani meal with 3 subzis and rice. Hope she enjoys it. She has left Australia on Aug. 15th and has stopped at various locations around the world attending seminars, I am sure she will be gald to eat some home cooked food. Today calls for celebration. I have picked a song from the movie Yudh as the Song of the day: Tina Munim had some melodious songs picturised on her. Thanks again for all your support.
 We all have come across many frustrating days and times when traffic has been bad on the way to work. Now with schools opening its a miracle if we reach work on time, without getting flustered a little. To add to all this, what I am facing these days, is road construction. They are expanding "Belmont Ridge" and Route 50. Now, blame me for not taking Rt. 28 to work. Well, I have horror stories connected with Rt. 28. I had rather deal with bad traffic instead. So, every morning, I see big Caterpillar machines which are operated by humans, doing some surprising things that we humans would take years to complete. The machines can dig a hole, lift dirt, move boulders etc.
Every time, I am amazed at how technology  has helped the human race. It's unbelievable. Gone are the "Saathi Haath Badana" days. These machines are a welcome change. I know the roads are eventually going to get better for all of us. So, next time you see construction of any kind, think of me and be glad that its not us on the streets, in bad weather. I know easier said than done. A little practice and deep breathing will help us get there. And of course there is always Bollywood music for entertainment in the car. Oh, what would I do without Bollywood??!!! Alright folks, got to go now. Enjoy your long weekend, for those living in the US. Love you all!


  1. Haha...I did not know that I would be mentioned in your blog, feels good.
    I will so connected with your life having read all the previous older blogs, that I now look forward to reading what new is going on. Looking forward to your next post.
    FYI - When publishing a comment the character identification test that you have provide is not fun. :-(
    It is so hard to read the letters.

  2. I have not yet revelaed your name. The number will have to reach 10,000 for that to happen. So, keep reading. he he. I am going to look into publishing of comments. Thanks for the tip.


  3. I definitely loved the food - I did not realise how much I had missed it until I ate it last night. Ate even more this afternoon!