Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Facebook or Fakebook?

Hello dear readers! Just noticed that the count on this page is a few numbers shy of 5000. Please help me reach that magic number soon! Today was a constructive day for me. Rohit lost a tooth today. He was so proud of it. He did not want to throw the tooth away. I told him if he throws it on the roof of the house and makes a wish, it will come true. So, he did just that and we got rid of the tooth. he he . The things kids believe in!  Do you believe in the power of a seat? I always sit on my couch in my formal living room to blog and I feel my thoughts flow freely comes and I write very easily from this seat. I tried blogging from some other areas in the house, without any success. I had taken Sanil to the dermatologist early this morning. Teenage acne problems you know. It's amazing how these doctors have their own schedule and we poor patients have to simply agree to an appointment, even if it does not agree with our schedules. Such is the dramatics of power! Anyway, Song of the day is from the movie Yamla Pagla Deewana.

Love the tune of this song. It's so soothing. Do listen to it when you get a moment.

Well, somewhere inside me is a hidden desire to be an actress. I have grown up standing in front of the mirror pretending to be an actress and a singer. I remember acting as Cinderella as a school girl. Slowly the interest shifted to Bollywood and I started following Madhuri Dixit and her acting. I used to enact MD's character "Mohini" from the movie, Tezaab quite a lot. Anu and I have performed at various events in the past few years. Over the weekend, we were practicing a skit that was written and directed by Anu.  We decided to make a video of it. Please watch it and share your valuable opinion of it. We would really appreciate that. We actually shot it scene by scene. Sanil then edited it to make it into a continuous movie with credits and so on. Anu, played various characters in this video. This skit is about Facebook. It was Anu's idea to call it "Fakebook".  We all know, that people do not act normal on Facebook. No one wants to displease anybody. We thought of bringing this to surface via comedy. So far, it has been well accepted by our "small" audience. Folks, we have also started a page called "Faltu productions" on Facebook,  on which we update on our "Faltu" time :-). If you are interested in following us on Facebook, please like that page. Anu, is maintaining that page and will post the latest and greatest about us there. By gods grace and your support, my dear friend Anu's talent will reach great heights one day and Faltu Productions will be in par with Yash Raj and Rajshree productions soon! I believe in  this quote - Smile often, dream big, and laugh a lot. It will help you realize how blessed you are with what you have. Here is wishing "us" good luck.


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