Sunday, August 05, 2012

"boy" friends

Hi All. Happy friendship day. Actually, I was in bed all day today. Running a temperature. When I woke up, this morning, I had a soar throat, I thought it would go away with some gargling. However, it got worse as the day progressed. Now, I have a severe cold and headache. I tried to sleep, but couldn't fall asleep. Was very restless in bed, so woke up to wish all of you a happy friendship day. The fun this weekend started on Friday evening. Attended a graduation party of our friend's son, who is leaving for college soon. Awesome, one of a kind party it was. What made this party unique was the entertainment. The games were carefully chosen, with students in mind and for the adults they  had Spanish dancers perform. They involved the audience, by asking us to scream "ole" at the end of every dance. But the icing on the cake for me, was when I met a friend who went to college with me in Manipal. We were meeting after 21 years. It turns out she lives so very close to me. Good to know. It was nice catching up. What a nice friendship day it was! Sat. went to a friend's house for dinner. Had a "mehefil" after dinner. I was introduced to this movie "Mugal-e-asam" for which music was the soul of the film. One song caught my attention, which is today's Song of the day:
"Mughal-e-Azam” reminds us why we still have the song-and-dance formula in Hindi films. The music and poetry can add so many depths to a legendary romance and make many people want to revisit that film again and again. No wonder then that this film is now accepted as the definitive version of the Salim-Anarkali story. __________________________________________________________________
However much, its far from the truth, I prefer to have somefriends who are boys. Girls are often socialized to be far more competitive with each other than boys are, and in different ways.  Men are better because they are "less catty" or "more low maintenance".  Although, there is effort in the relationship, its realtively easy, when compared with women. For example, men don't care if you fall through on your plans. I don't want to have to deal with a girfriend's emotional problems. Deep emotional ties are okay but they're not getting anything done. Men are less prone to mood swings. Men are better at taking things at face value and not keeping grudges. My compatibility with women is less, as compared to men. Maybe because, I have all the "high maintenance" qualities that women carry.  he, he. That being said, only girls can completely understand girls. So, I do maintain my realtions with women too. Do need them to vent away. At the end of the day, god made two different genders for a reason. We need both of these to survive. Wonder if there would have been a third gender, what would that be? Transgender? I am glad that society is more willing to accept these people these days. "All" people make this world. Cheers to life! Can't say this enough.


  1. wah wah kya gaana hai. You should have invited me for the mehfil ;-0

  2. I am glad you have a very good boyfriend "Shekar" :-D