Sunday, September 09, 2012

Do rules rule?

Hello my dear cyber buddies. What started off to be a bad weekend, turned to be a good one by the time Sat. afternoon came along. Who says we can't get things for free in the US? All it takes is a tornado and some good people. Sanil and I were stuck in the tornado on Sat. afternoon. So, we decided to spend the time in a Subway close by. When I was about to pay for our sandwiches, the lady at the counter realised that her credit card machine was broken and decided to give the sandwiches for free. To add to that, a bubbly and chatty Indian lady who was also stuck with us, kept us company. We had fun talking about my favorite country India. Spent some candid moments with some friends on Saturday evening. Although, big parties, with many people are fun, the impromptu, smaller get togethers work well most of the times. Everyone is heard and we leave feeling good that we connected with a few people, on a one on one level. The key thing lacking in this country. So, Bips came out with her side of the story. She seemed genuine in her explanation. Some relationships are just not meant to be. After 9 long years, the recovery process must be so painful. She has her support system in tact. So, that's good. Luckily god has made it possible for human beings to forget deep wounds with time. And what's with Mary Kom doing a fashion show? The crossover to Bollywood is happening too fast for her. I think she should stick to boxing. What say? The friend I met on Sat. is a good singer and is big fan of Kishore Kumar. He sang this song, from the movie Jhumroo which I was hearing for the first time.  So that, my friends, is today's Song of the day.


I sometimes wonder, if there were no rules in society would the world be a better place? So, I decided to ask this question to the friends I met on Sat. It led to a wonderful one hour discussion. Yes, certain frustrations do occur because of rules. But for the most part, rules are necessary. My argument was, if indeed there is freedom of speech, then there is no harm in having freedom for everything else, as a person can do what he/she wants to do in life without being judged. After all there is only one life to live. I think these rules in society are making people frustrated and as as result we are seeing terrorism in the world. All these different religions that man has created is causing pain and confusion in otherwise free thinking minds. Animals don't have rules. Yet they are living in harmony. I spoke too fast. My friend then correctly pointed out that, every human being has 2 sides to them. A good side and an evil side. The evil side is going to take over at some point in a human being's lifetime and it is for those times that we have to have rules in place. And who said animals don't have rules? Look at ants. They travel in lines. Bees have their queen bee, for whom the worker bees are collecting honey. Monkeys have territories. My argument was falling flat already. One other friend said there is what is called the macro view and the micro view. I was mixing the two views. That made sense to me. Macro view involves the big world. Micro view is the smaller world. Yes, we need rules. The society we live in today is too full of them and some of the rules we have to live by are plain dumb and interfere with personal choice. For example, if I want to color my house, Pink, from the outside, I should be allowed to. The rules should be such that they allow everyone to live as they see fit without harm or trouble coming to others, I think. There needs to be a balance.


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