Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tried something new

Vanakkam folks! So much drama happening in my favorite county India. It saddens me. And all in the name of religion. I am curious like many of you to watch "Vishwaroopam" now. Kamal Hassan is a veteran actor and to see him go through so much just to release his movie, is a murder of creativity. I have gone through this same scenario recently. Although, not to such a great degree. My friend and I had made a skit, which could not be made Public because of objection from a friend, as it had aspects of her in it. Jayalalitha's justification to the ban on "Vishwaroopam" also made sense. She had to take care of law and order in the state, as she was receiving reports from her intelligence group, saying there might be chaos at the theaters if the movie was released. Deleting some scenes from the movie was a middle ground that Mr. Hassan was gracious enough to take. Lets hope for peace, for all parties. So proud of SRK! Loved the way he addressed his latest controversy in his speech. He said he is born Indian and was proud of it and felt safe in India. He said this all with a stern face. I can see him conducting himself with dignity from now on. We will not get to see the witty side of him anymore. Thanks to him being a soft target. One surprising thing is that Amitabh has remained quiet through all this. Salman Khan may face 10 years in jail if convicted in the hit and run case from 2002, in which one person was killed. Hmmm, it took them 10 years already? And, OMG! The juvenile accused in the Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case has just been declared a minor by the Delhi juvenile justice board. Apparetnly even the Mom does not know the child's correct age. What is happening folks? Anyway, far away in U.K., it was cute of the Royals to take a 3 minute(?!!) train ride like normal people. And here in the US, those notorious credit card companies will be charging a fee to use the card in a few days is what I read. Not cool! I guess I have got to take it easy on using those credit cards from now on.

Tried a Taekwondo class today, just to try something different. I was surprised at the stretching moves that are done before and after the routine. It's similar to yoga. It was an intense routine. Taekwondo is a martial art originating in Korea. The students are taught meditation, how to show respect to teachers and fellow students, how to improve flexibility, self defense and most importantly focus and discipline! It is a cultivated art. One cannot learn it overnight. I am not sure if I will continue going to the class, only because I don't think I have that discipline in me, to practice. I am better off at the gym, where there is no set routine. Routine bores me. I like variety. Getting to exercise is itself so hard. Add a strict routine to it and I will fail. The Song of the day that I chose is from the movie Sindoor. I like the melodious flute in the music. Doordarshan used to play this song so often in those days. I loved the blue Saree that Neelam wore. I was too young to wear a Saree when this movie was made. So, waited till I grew up to buy a similar Saree. I sure miss that era! Life was so much more simpler then. Luckily we have these songs and movies that have memories attached to them. Life is good. Enjoy folks! Till next time, Good Night!


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