Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Safe India - A dream?

Happy new year my dear cyber friends! I had a good start to the new years amidst family, close friends and some new friends. Yes, "new" friends. But one thing that keeps coming back to me, is the thought that, my India is not safe. While "Nirbaya" rests in peace, Indian newspapers continue reporting, rape cases on a daily basis as headlines. I see that this time, India is really serious and the Government is taking the necessary steps to speed up the judicial process, just to punish these culprits. But is that the end? Does that mean that, women are safe, to do what they want in India? We Indians come to the US and feel superior, when relating how value bound and culturally rich our country is. We have women deities that we pray for everyday, so much so, we refer to our earth as female (Dharthi Ma). We have arranged marriages that work! We were 6 yards of fabric and a dupatta to cover ourselves. Yet, women are brutally raped every 18 hours. This is a shame! Today, the whole world is watching us India. We better work REALLY hard to bring about a change for the good. And I want to believe that it is possible. The younger generation will see better days. I think, we should start thinking as to how each one of us can try to bring about a small change, in whatever capapcity we can. Simply saying "kuch karna chahiye" is not enough. I think, being a "responsible" citizen is a good way to start. In other news, Vijetha Pandit came out with a revaltion that her elder sister has not been in a good mental state for many, many years now. She blames the late actor Sanjeev Kumar for it. It seems he did not reciprocate, Sulakshana Pandit's love for him. Not his fault, as he was madly in love with Hemamalini at that time, who was in love with Dharamji. It's a matter of hearts, that people have no control over. Sometimes, a robotic life seems much better! Anyway, the Song of the day is from the movie Umrao Jaan.
This song is so sad...But so beautiful...Like women! We have a tough life but we are all queens. When will the men of India get it. There is no man without a woman. look at the spelling of woman. "man" is within her.  Going to bed now, with a hope for a better India. Tomorrow is a new day. Good night friends. Love you all! Share love.


  1. Hey, Been checking back, missing your updates. When is the next one getting posted?

  2. Still no updates, hope all is ok. Looking forward to it.