Sunday, January 27, 2013

Age 16 - why is it a big deal?

Hello my dear cyber friends! I missed all of you too! I had taken an "electronic" break.  It was an experiment to test my addiction to all the gadgets I own. And boy! Am I addicted! It was ok for a few days, but I don't think I could continue for long without them. I missed putting down my thoughts in this space too! Today, my older son turned 16!
Time flies. It feels like just yesterday that he was crawling in our living room. Sweet sixteen now. I don't remember my 16th B'day at all! It came and went just like any other B'day. No one made it a big deal. So then, why is it that people celebrate sweet sixteen and make it a big deal? Her si what I came across: It is the age where many thought the young had reached adulthood. Girls were married off and young men given responsible duties. Years ago, at 16,  young men were sent away for education for the most part (rich families) and came back to be educated on the finer points of the family business. After a couple of years they were expected to start handling things on their own. Girls were considered prime for marriage at age 16. Old enough to bear children and knowledgeable in handling cooking, cleaning and other duties for the wife. Rich families tried to marry into similar levels as the girl would have had training for handling servants etc. As for today it is still considered the milestone for becoming an adult. Is there any rhyme or reason to this explanation? Why not Sweet 21? Is this another hype created by society to highlight teenage years to be the best years of ones life? For American teenagers, turning sixteen is especially important because it is at this age that they are able to get their driver's licenses. If you are a girl, there is that added pressure of being kissed by a boy at the age of 16.
Appropriately then, the Song of the day is Solah baras ki bali umar ko salaam. from the movie Ek duje ke liye.

Shub Raatri.


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