Monday, February 03, 2014

A visit to a fish market

Namaskar friends. Patha nahi kyon, but remembering SRK a lot today. I saw him attend Ahana Deol's wedding reception with a leg injury. He still looked so adorable. Aww. Today's song of the day is from his movie Koyla. Looks like money can buy handsome Son-in-laws. Hema Malini did a fantastic job finding rich, good looking, first hand hubby's for her daughters. What a grand, star studded wedding it was. Everyone was dressed so well for once. Loved Deepika's and Diya Mirza's sarees. Kushal-Gauhar and Arman-Tanisha are milking their cheap stunt at stardom. They are seen everywhere these days. Gau-shal are participating in a reality show now. What??! As long as they have the audience, they win.

Every year I go to India, a visit to the fish market is a must. My parents call me a cat. I love the smell of fresh fish. Sorry vegetarians this post is definitely NOT for you. For your information, it is just like visiting the farmers market, to buy locally fresh, locally grown produce.  This year too, I fulfilled the tradition. My brother and his son, who also have the same intensity of love for fish and a high tolerance for the smell, took me to this brand new, quintessential fish market, that has now opened in Udupi. It was like taking a kid to a toy store. It was almost closing time for the market. The fish mongers were quoting the lowest prices, I had ever heard off. OMG! the variety of fish that was on display was amazing. The fish comes from the nearby harbor of Malpe. The baskets of fresh, silver fish, looked so inviting. I could eat it all up, that too raw! I bought mackerel, Shrimp, Pomfret, sardines and crab. Rs. 2000/- worth of fish. I did not care if I had paid more. I did not bother to do any comparison shopping. My mind was doing the conversion from rupees to dollars. So cheap! Had to buy them all. I was on a roll. My brother had to stop me. See pics below. Sorry for the poor quality. I was concentrating on the fish. :)



Fish Market 
It took my nephew and I, 3 hours to clean that much fish. We could have got it cleaned at the fish market, but I wanted to have the pleasure of cleaning it myself. Since my Mom is a vegetarian, we sat in the backyard of our house to clean the fish. mosquitoes had a field trip sucking our blood. My brother came up with the idea of lighting a mini bonfire next to us, to keep the evil mosquitoes away. It worked temporarily. In the meantime, my brother and Mom were the preparation team they had prepped all he vegetables and masalas for the cleaned fish. 

Marinated fish
It took us another 2 hours to finish cooking the fish. Sorry I don't have the pics of the final product. I was too tired to take pics, for that matter even eat. All of us had lost appetite by the time we finished cooking. It was too late at night to eat. We did try to eat a little. The next day we had to travel. So guess what? all that wish had to be given to the maid and her family to enjoy. How sad. It was fun, but never again will I go overboard in buying fish, however tempting it might be. (I do wish, I had bought some clams :)). As they say, too much of anything is bad.


  1. I hate seafood. Otherwise I'd be able to appreciate your post.

    I hear fish has become damn expensive.

    Please do drop by my blog.


  2. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.