Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mid-life crisis and I

Survived my first week at my new job folks. It was interesting. I am having difficulty adjusting to the time change. Just don't find enough time to blog. Have been missing this space. 11.11.11 came an went. Nothing crazy happened. Ash did not give birth on that day. Thank god! or else we would have never heard the end of it. I have been doing some serious thinking lately. No, not on my evening walks (it's too cold for that). I have been thinking about life after 40.

I am a bubbly, fun loving, enthusiastic, and active person. Then how is that nothing excites me anymore? I do everything that a normal person does, like working, taking care of family, exercising, meeting interesting people, etc. However, I am doing all this matter-of- factly. How much ever I try to be emotionally attached to events, it's just not happening. Is this mid life crisis? How else can you explain this? But mid life crisis was only for the boring people, who did not have a life! That's what I thought. Till now. All these years, I did not have time to think about myself. There was always a milestone to reach and I was busy trying to get there. Now it feels like I have been there and done it. Nothing feels like a new experience any more. Having had the opportunity to travel to a few countries, I feel sameness everywhere. Leading a monotonous life is getting to me now. Many people try new things at this stage in life. I am doing that too! But it's definitely not an escape.  Parents are getting older now. This often scares me. It's not like we are getting any younger either. What am I going to do with the rest of my life? If anything, I have to learn from my parents mistakes and try not to be in the helpless state that old age brings with it. It's about living a significant life. Is there something more important and fulfilling that I can focus on now? Still thinking... If I find the answer I will let you all know. Please drop a few lines if you have an answer. I would really appreciate it!


  1. Maybe giving back to your community/society will bring more meaning to your life. Volunteering, helping people in need gives a deep sense of satisfaction to people's lives. Try that!

  2. @AnonymousThanks Anon. Yes, I am defintely thinking along those lines. Just have to act on it.