Sunday, March 23, 2014

The idea that changed my life

Namaskar dosts! It was not that I was lazy or busy, I had a specific thought, going on in my mind, for the last 2 months, which needed a closure. And finally, late last evening, I got my answer. And that moment, when I got my answer, I felt liberated. It was not the happiest solution, but nevertheless, it was an answer that helped me stop thinking "what if"? So, I decided to come back to my favorite space, which I had been neglecting. Here in Virginia, we are lucky, we get to experience seasons change DAILY! The weekend was enjoyable. On Friday, I went out with friends for a ladies night out, followed by a movie - "Queen". It was a light hearted movie. Kangana's character was simple and relatable. On Saturday evening after a whole day of lazing around, our family decided to go for an evening out. We watched the movie Non Stop. Thanks to the movie, now flying on an airplane will never be the same for me. A good movie though. At some points had to sit at the edge of the seat. We then enjoyed a really good meal at the Indian restaurant called "Haveli". Met two interesting people who waited our table. Both were so cheerful. They both asked the same questions. Kind of had the same personality. One was an Indian man and the other a white lady. Turns out they are husband and wife. Imagine that! Song of the day, for that cheerful couple, is from the movie Chitchor:

Is Ko Sanjog Kahen Yaa Qismat Kaa Lekhaa
Hum Jo Achaanak Mile Hain
Man Chaahe Saathi Paakar Ham Sab Ke Chehare
Dekho To Kaise Khile Hain

 I have been watching too many interviews on YouTube. The one common question, celebrities get asked is "An idea that changed your life?". I have heard some really good answers like, the idea to start making movies, the idea to leave my city and come to Mumbai, the idea not to listen to my parents to go for further studies etc. etc. After thinking about what is that one idea that changed MY life, I came up with "the idea to express myself the way I really am". Growing up, I have listened to my parents and did exactly what they wanted me to do, After marriage, till recently, I listened to my husband to some extent. When the kids arrived, it was mostly about them. For the past say 3 years I have started thinking for myself. I began, saying exactly what I felt. While it has been a very satisfactory experience, it has also landed me in trouble. I have lost good friends, I have been given the silent treatment and gotten hurt very badly. I have been emotionally scarred to the extent that I have shed tears for days together. It is a lot to analyze and process. The positive to this is, I am living life on my terms. No one is telling me to do what I am doing. No one is stopping me from doing what I really want to do. I have made a few good choices. The rest, that were bad choices, I do not regret them at all, as I have grown from those experiences. My box of experiences, is getting fuller. Oh, what a nice feeling! Someone once told me, a life lived without taking risks, is a life not lived at all. Now, I understand this completely and agree with that genius who thought of this first. I still can't say that I have become a stronger person, but the goal is to get there. The best outcome so far is that, I am spending a lot more time with my family. In the end, they are the ones who matter the MOST. The second best thing, is my decision to blog. I can always come here and pen down my thoughts for the day, and keep a live diary! The fun part is, I sometimes get an email or two from strangers who read my blog. Love you all! Keep reading! Shub Ratri!


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