Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bored? Read on...

Greetings friends. It's still snowing. So tired of this 'S" word. Where is the sun? God must have really heard my prayers when I was a kid, wishing to "see" snow. I grew up in the scorching heat of South India where there was no season called winter. But I can't complain now, since I am living the American dream, that most people want to but can't. Sigh! Poor Sanju Baba, back in jail. Must have finished shooting all his pending projects. RIP Nanda, although I did not watch any of her movies. Also, a moment of silence for all those innocent people who lost their lives on that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Hope the relatives find strength to deal with this trauma. Song of the day from the movie Rafoo Chakkar. Wahi hota hai jo manzoore khuda hota hai. So apt for what's happening in my life right now.

If you are reading this, there is a chance that you are bored and browsing the internet for something interesting to do. And kudos to you, you are taking the right step, in the right direction to beat monotony! Is it true that only boring people get bored? The feeling of boredom is truly personal. I think engaging the mind is THE BEST way to beat boredom. Some examples of keeping the mind busy is to play games like chess, Suduku, board games etc. We can also meditate. I like to doodle. Since I can remember, the back of my notebooks were covered with my art work. I have some fascination for faces, flowers and connecting the dots. I draw random dots and then connect them. I have come up with so many new designs so far. Some day I will make a post of just my doodles. Maybe someone might think of it as a masterpiece and offer to publish them. Am I day dreaming? Well, that's another way of killing boredom. Many fantastic ideas have given birth as a result of day dreaming. One thing that most people tend to do when they are bored is eat. While this may offer instant satisfaction, it might have some bad, long term effects. Therefore it is not recommended. Pinpoint what bores you and see if you learn something new about yourself. While you do that, I will go to bed as it's quiet late here. Shub ratri folks!


  1. Hey keep posting such sensible and significant articles.

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