Monday, January 16, 2012

A dream vacation in a dream house!

Namaskar blogdosts! The Bachchan's played host to THE Oprah Winfrey. That's nice. Ash shares a friendship with Oprah which dates back to 2005. Oprah is in India to shoot for her new show, the next chapter. What was amusing to me, was the news that, Oprah is going to visit the Dharavi slums. I guess, the movie Slumdog millionaire has raised the curiosity. Well, whatever the reason, I hope it will all be good for India. Had a very relaxed 3 day weekend. Tried a "full body blast" class at the Gym. It was such a hard class. I didn't think that I could complete it.

Visiting parents in India, is the BEST vacation that I could ask for. I used to visit them once in 3 years for the longest time. But now, since I feel that they are getting older, I visit them more frequently. The house in the pics. above is my parents house. My parents worked hard throughout their lives to build this dream house of theirs. And what a house it is! People pay hundreds of dollars to have a vacation in a resort. Living in my parents house feels just like living in a resort. The house is located in a prime area, very close to Udupi on one side and Manipal on the other. There is a bus stop very close to the house with a very high frequency of city buses and service buses. The rickshaw stand is also close by. Local shops sell anything from branded clothes, to vegetables, to groceries, etc. From the terrace of the house, we can see greenery all around. We can also see the beach. It makes for a great view. Sitting on the benches that my parents thoughtfully constructed, one can feel completely at peace. I like to sit on the seats, and just watch the serene environment. The smoke from the chimney, the cows grazing, the people coming back home from their respective jobs, the milkman, the postman, the school kids, a very enjoyable scene that we just cannot see here in the US. Listening to the birds chirping, dogs barking and the whistles of the pressure cooker from the neighbor's houses, cooking dinner, feels like music to the ears. Nice theme for a documentary on life in India. What say? The rooftop of the house is made of clay tiles, which keeps the house very cool during scorching hot summers. This house gives the rural experience in an urban area, which to me a perfect combination! It has all the modern amenities of today. My mom has a very green thumb. Her garden is spectacular (this is topic of a whole new post). She has so many varieties of flowers and fruits in her garden that it is the envy of all the neighbors. The house is very close to businesses, yet far from the pollution and noise. Proximity to the famous Kasturba Medical hospital is a blessing for my parents during their old days. So, where is my next vacation going to be? No points for guessing:)

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  1. Maya Akka, Nice Post....Was expecting more experience to be shared out of the Tour too ....Do that Pls when Free...