Monday, December 05, 2011

Surrogacy - Is it the best way?

Namaste friends. time! I know! I was busy partying and shopping. Thanksgiving sales are so tempting. I was at a girls sleepover party last Saturday. It was so much fun. We were 8 girls talking and giggling like school girls. Just the type of fun that I enjoy. On Sunday, I attended a Satyanarayan Pooja. A Sunday well spent. Learnt so much that day. So, Dev Anand is no more. Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao had a baby boy. Surrogacy- first time in Bollywood. India is moving along. Nice to know.

Why would someone volunteer to be a surrogate mother? I can think of only one reason. Desperate need for money. Only an unselfish person who is really very caring can think of such a generous cause. I would definitely not be able to any such thing. Being a surrogate mother means taking on a huge responsibility for someone else's life. After nine months of carrying the baby and being so close to it, it would be very hard to part with this creation. Granted the seeds would be donated, but for all practical purposes the baby would be that of the lady who delivered the child. I think a nobler cause would be to adopt an orphan child. I can understand how a woman feels complete when she has her own baby. But giving a home to a child who really needs it could be a better option. What difference would it make? Anyway, the baby is being delivered by someone else and there is no physical connection when you choose the surrogate path. There is also the risk that the mother to be could change her mind at the last minute. Also, what if the mom to be develops some medical conditions along the way and the baby has to be aborted?  I am sure there are legal contracts that cover these issues. Ultimately, it's not anybody's business what parents choose as their BEST option. Everyone has his or her own right. Whatever makes them happy. For me personally, adoption would be a better choice. Congratulations to Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao. He has shed light on an important cause. The perfectionist has done it again!


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